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Extruded Organic Soybean Meal
Extruded Organic Soybean Meal is produced from Northeast high-quality Non-GMO & organic soybeans. With the imported equipments, we can precisely control the degree of extrusion as desired during the production, so that the quality of our products is guaranteed. Through the extruding treatment, the soybean meal is of high energy, high protein content, high digestibility and low microbial content. According to the determination, the solubility can reach over 75%, and the diges...
Organic Soybean
Organic soybean refers to the soybeans of which the whole process from sowing to harvest is without any chemical additives, e.g. pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth agent, feed additives etc, but to follow the law of natural growth and the principle of survival of the fittest.
Soy Flakes - TW500
Soy flakes are produced from non-GMO soybeans with advanced extracting and desolventizing technology. With little protein denaturation and high content of hydrotropic protein, the soybean flakes are produced up to the first-grade requirements stipulated by the state standards, and mainly used as the raw material for the processing of textured protein, concentrated soy protein, isolated soy protein, and other protein products.
Organic Soybean Meal - TW400
Organic Soybean Meal is produced from the finest Non-GMO soybean, and it is widely used in animal feed, nutrient medium and pharmaceutical industry.
Soybean Oil
The yellow colored oil is indigenous to East Asia and Central China region.
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